Complete Care for the Mother: The First 42 Days Postpartum 

Consultation Services

with Jenna Furnari

As a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Master of Arts in Ayurveda, I specialize in working with women through the First 42 Days after birth. In this "sacred window of time" deep nourishment for mind, body and spirit is needed for the new mother following birth.

I work with each woman individually with step-by-step guidance through learning and preparing for complete in-home ayurvedic care routines to rebuild health and strength in the First 42 Days following birth.


This 90-minute consultation includes:


Complete First 42 Days Recipe Ebook with ayurvedic insight shared for each dish


Written and verbal guidance on ayurvedic postpartum care. Videos to reference made just for the mothers we work with

Complete checklist for mothers to use through week 32 of pregnancy to ensure all is in place when baby arrives.

BONUS: Perhaps the best part is the one-on-one access you will have with Jenna through your First 42 Days in case you run into any questions.

Our goal in this work is making a healthy, vibrant start with your little one available to new mothers all over the world.  


Baby and mother together benefit greatly from this work. This care and guidance offered goes a long way in setting positive patterns for mother and baby that last a lifetime. 

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