Ayurveda began thousands of years ago, right alongside yoga. The study and practice of Ayurveda (the wisdom of life), looks at the five Universal Elements and three Doshas and how they together make up our bodies, this world and the great universe. Ayurveda looks at maintaining and/or bringing you back to you own optimal health and wellbeing, mentally, physically and spiritually.


Basic Principles of Ayurveda:

This ancient approach to health has stood the test of time in the way that looks at each being uniquely to support and stabilize their health and vitality. In looking at each person one-on-one for treatment and support, Ayurveda follows the principle of “meeting you where you’re at”. Consultation work is done by taking a look at who you are, how your time is spent, current sleep patterns, foods you crave and eat, where your energy is placed, and life-experiences of your past. Ayurveda has evolved over the past centuries to meet current needs, yet the core essence of this tradition is unwavering.

Introduction to Ayurveda

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