As a new client, visit Jenna for an initial consultation to begin your journey towards greater balance and health through the practice of Ayurveda. In this initial consultation, you will go over all aspects of yourself; including your past and current habits, daily routines, regular meals, patterns of sleep, etc. Ayurveda is known as the “medicine of yoga” and can have a profound impact on supporting wellness, clarity of mind, building a strong immune system, significantly improving sleep patters and many more benefits.


Jenna will help you to discover your Ayurveda Dosha Type - Vata, Pitta or Kapha, a specific combination of two, or all three. You will then look at what that means in terms of your unique daily routines, and changes that you can make to support a fuller picture of balance in your life. This easy-to-follow program will keep your energy not only optimal, but stable in the way that it sustains a glowing inner-complexion and outward beauty.





Ayurveda Consultation                      Ayurveda Weekly Coaching

Following your Initial Consultation, a weekly session can be scheduled with Jenna for ongoing support through these lifestyle changes that are being introduced. Making change sustainable is a top importance, and meeting weekly is a great way to apply one of Ayurveda’s primary principles: Allowing the practice to meet you where you are in your life. Weekly changes and adjustments are made so that your practice suits and benefits you most.


Ayurveda Consultation Price Menu

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Initial Consultation – $135  

Consultation Follow-up - $75

Consultation Follow-up by phone - $75

Ayurveda Wellness Package - $195  *Good through 2014

          *This package Includes three sessions!


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