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Conscious Conception Consultation: Meeting Fertility with Ayurveda

Are you feeling ready to walk through the doorway which welcomes you to parenthood? The guidance and support of Ayurveda leads you (and your partner, if applicable) to gently cleansing and strengthening of all systems throughout the body and mind prior to conception. 


Upon completing her Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner studies, Jenna went on to complete her master of arts research in Preparing the Body for Conception through Ayurveda. With her coursework and research behind her, she dove into these practices and guidance herself through the months prior to conception of her little boy. 


Included with this package: 

_ 30 minute getting started call 

_ Part 1: 90-minute consultation via skype 

_ Part 2: 90-minute consultation via skype 

_ Part 3 (optional): 60-minute consultation via skype 

_Complete Guidebook to refer throughout

_Recipes along with written instruction and guidance on ingredients

_Herbal use. There are a number of Ayurvedic herbs that we use throughout. The use and instruction of use on each of these will be shared and written out for you in detail.



We recommend spending 3-6 months with this guidance to thoroughly prepare the body for conception. Our consultations together are broken into 3 parts: Getting Started, Cleansing the Body, and Rejuvenation. 


As each of these topics individually applies to you, we will cover: 

_Reaching complete health of the body and reproductive system through treatment of the 3 doshas 

_Balancing ovulation and the menstrual cycle 

_Pre-conception DIY panchakarma; The 3 phases 

_Personalized guidance to build the body’s fluids + hormones through foods 

_Herbal recommendations for uterine replenishment, cleansing, rejuvenation, and more  

_Partner alignment towards the big question; “Are we ready?” 


Our time together is spent to build the body’s healthy fluids; blood, lymph, blood, and hormones. This package of care nourishes the mind, strengthens the body and balances the reproductive system; for both women and men. Our consultations together can take place with partner present or recording may be shared later on, if that is preference.

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