The AyurDoula Postpartum Packages are made available to new moms and babies to provide the nourishing support needed in the first few weeks following delivery. Our time together will impact the health of the entire family for years to come through body, mind and spirit.


Ayurvedic remedies and nutritional guidance is shared to support the first weeks postpartum. Daily practices are created together to stabilize the new mama through rejuvenation and boost the health and comfort of the new baby.


Using the principles and practices of Ayurveda, rebuilding of the body’s deepest tissues following birth strengthens the immune system for both mom and baby.

Our programs begin with a complete consultation with the expecting mother and a customized package for each family. 

Visit here to find out more about getting your package started. 

Postpartum AyurDoula

Jenna has a wealth of knowledge that all new moms can benefit from. She gave me several amazing Ayurveda practices to incorporate into my daily routine that not only feel great and help nurture my body, but take into account how little time I have these days. She's kind, generous and an amazing resource!  

                          -Anna, Postpartum Client 2017

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