Ayurvedic Consultation



Ayurveda is known as the “medicine of yoga” and can have a profound impact on supporting wellness, clarity of mind, building a strong immune system, and many more benefits. As a new client our initial consultation will begin your journey towards greater balance and health. In this initial consultation, we'll cover all aspects of yourself; including your past and current habits, daily routines, regular meals, patterns of sleep and so on.


We will discover your Ayurveda Dosha Type - Vata, Pitta or Kapha, a specific combination of two, or all three. You will then look at what that means in terms of your unique daily routines, and changes that you can make to support a fuller picture of balance in your life. This easy-to-follow program will keep your energy not only optimal, but stable in the way that it sustains a glowing whole body inner-complexion and outward beauty.

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