First 40 Days

In the first 40 Days following the delivery of your new baby, Ayurveda focuses on restoring the health and strength of the new mother with emotional, nutritional, physical and sleep support. Care provided during this time benefits the mother, the new baby and the entire family for years to come.


The goal is to replenish where depletion has moved in. The recovery that takes place makes it possible for the very important bond to take place between mother and her new child. By building care around principles of the five universal elements, the mother is rebuilt through the body’s hormones, adequate rest, rebuilding of digestive fire, and restoring of ojas, or the finest product of digestion, the essence of our whole body health.


By following this caring routine for 40 days, accumulated imbalances that can be rooted at this time after birth can be significantly reduced. Ayurveda looks at the body through the five universal elements, or the three doshas. After birth, vata dosha is primarily out of balance in a big way. By cultivating a simple daily routine, and the use of nourishing, warm, freshly prepared foods, the vata imbalance will be reduced and complete health will be restored.


The daily routine includes hands-on therapy using warm, ayurvedic oils to restore circulation and flow of prana in the body, the use of ayurvedic herbs to support the digestive system along with lactation, and of course plenty of rest.

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