Though every body is some unique combination of the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha), all three doshas are present within every cell of our being - Some just in variable amounts. A great way to initiate sustained health in your life is by following a few of these practices that will benefit everyone:


  • Follow a regular daily schedule that includes meal times and sleep times. Vata dosha is the one that is most easily thrown out of balance, and this can be countered by keeping a steady routine.

  • Begin your day with a glass of warm water and half of a fresh squeezed lemon to gently awaken your digestive system.

  • Especially in the fall and winter, (Vata and Kapha times of year), include the daily morning ritual of Neti Pot rinse to keep your immune system high.

  • Oil your skin in the morning with coconut oil (for normal/oily skin) or sesame oil (dry skin). If you have time, leave on skin for 15 minutes, followed by a warm shower to rinse.

  • Make sure you get your yoga practice in! This can include meditation, pranayama and/or asana. It can be a self-practice or guided. Your body will thank you.

  • Turn computers, TVs and aggravating music off by 9pm. Have lights out, ready to snore by 10pm.


The practice of Ayurveda fits each individual uniquely. The best way to take a look at a practice for you is to set up an Ayurveda Consultation (link to page). These practices are the very tip of the iceberg and will benefit you as you begin to learn more.

The Daily Routine

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