I have had the wonderful priveledge of being a student of Jenna's. Through her teaching I have developed a stronger practice. Her words and beautifully energy helped guide me and experience a deeper connection with myself. Through her verbal cues and hands on assist I have felt her kindness. The calmness of her voice carries love. I have also had the opportunity to learn one on one with her about the study of ayurveda. Learning about the right patterns for myself has helped me greatly and made my every day life even more enjoyable. ~Randi Anda

In the last year and a half, since working with Jenna, I have gained flexibility and strength. I have a greater awareness of my body and what I can do. My balance has improved as well. I think the biggest gain I had was becoming more aware of the body and how it functions. With this I know pretty well what I can accomplish with both yoga and Pilates. My goal was simple...to improve my health thru exercise. I have accomplished this goal so the more far-reaching goal now is to continue to grow, expand my awareness of the body by pushing my limits. I will further integrate yoga into my daily activities through this awareness. The result I hope is a more tuned body and mind so that I can gauge and correct any health issues as they arise. I plan on continuing one-on-one Yoga Therapy with Jenna. Her caring, nurturing personality, and her attention to detail stand out. ~Mike Elliott 


A wonderfully warm heart, an enthusiastic spirit, a thoughtful and experienced therapeutic skill set, combined with an impeccable sense of self and character, lead to a master teacher whose focus and gentle application of theory and practice assisted me to not only want to heal, but made healing possible.


In November 2012, at 67 years of age I had a stroke on the left side of my pons that left me paralyzed on the right side of my body, and unable to pursue my active professional and personal life’ activities.  Through a time in a hospital and then inpatient Rehab services, I was able to return home and although still very limited in my ability to be mobile and self sufficient, I was able to continue Rehab efforts through daily massage and outpatient occupational and physical therapies. 
However, it wasn't until I was introduced to yoga and started receiving individual yoga training with Jenna at home, initially twice a week and now weekly, have I gained almost full use of the right side of my body, without the use of any apparatus. I now drive to and from Los Angeles on a bi-weekly basis and I have resumed my Clinical Psychology practice and joyful social activities.
I anticipate that yoga will be a continued part of my life, with the expectation that I will not only continue my individual sessions with Jenna, and in the near future, participate in classes with others to continue to continue to learn exercises to stretch, tone and enable my body to more fully function. My energy and movements have continued to dramatically improve and not only are rebuilding, but will exceed what I was capable of doing before.
Thank you, Jenna. By Dennis Laurents. 



I began working with Jenna during her the Asana meets Ayurveda series at OM Oasis.  I had previous experience with Ayurveda during my yoga teacher training, but had never done more than skimmed the surface of the topic and was curious to learn more. Right away, I was impressed with her passion for both Ayurveda and the practice of asana, made apparent by her ability to make the subject matter accessible, down to earth and inspiring.
She helped me to discover more about myself and how I could achieve the balance I had been seeking through practices that complimented my nature.  Jenna suggested sample meals and an ideal routine that would stimulate and invigorate, helping me to be the best me I could be!  I was skeptical at first, but after the first few days of implementing a schedule and eating foods suited for me I could immediately see a difference. 
After incorporating the practices of Ayurveda into my life that I feel more confident, balanced and in touch with what’s important.  I’m energized and focused as opposed to feeling dull or sluggish due to Kapha imbalance – and if I am feeling off, I feel as if I have an Ayurvedic toolkit of remedies that I can fall back on to get me moving again. My introduction to Ayurveda has me hooked and I’m looking forward participating in Jenna’s next series!
I would highly recommend working with Jenna if you are interested in making real and positive changes to your life using the practice of Ayurveda – she is an excellent teacher and a true example of a yogi.  ~Gennica Ivey

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