Universal Elements: Fire and Water

Gunas (qualities): Sharp, penetrating, hot, liquid

This is the dosha of transformation; digestion of food, experiences and emotion. It is in charge of your body’s metabolism, determination, perception and clarity in comprehension. Tending to the inner flame of Pitta is important in everyday as it directly effects the strength of your immune system.



Every individual is made up with some unique combination of the three Doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), which are made up with the five Universal Elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth). By taking the self-test (link below), you can get a better idea for your own body type.


Universal Elements: Ether and Air

Gunas (qualities): Dry, light, cold, mobile, clear, rough

This is the dosha of movement and the carrier of motion throughout the body and in the world surrounding us. It represents change in our bodies and mind throughout every moment. People of Vata dosha tend to be great communicators, excellent guides or teachers, they are contemplative, creative, and their work at harnessing balance is constant.


Universal Elements: Earth and Water

Gunas (qualities): Heavy, dense, cloudy, oily, cold

This dosha represents form and structure. It’s the bones of your skeleton and the solid earth beneath your feet that support your every step. Kapha is the slowest dosha to change, and Kapha person tends to be the most dependable. The Kapha type is easy going and nurturing. Though it may take them longer to make up their minds, once a decision is made, they never regret their decisions.

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