• Jenna Furnari, MA, CAP

A NEW MAMA ESSENTIAL: Energizing Date and Almond Shake

I'd like to keep this entry short and sweet. Because trust me, when you taste this drink it speaks for itself. I'll start out by sharing a bit of my own personal appreciation for this drink that came up while I was right in the middle of the 4th trimester. 

First, part of my afternoon routine was gulping down a large mug faster than I know I "should" have. (By the way, there are no "shoulds" in my book when it comes to mothering, especially early mothering.) Without fail I went from sluggish (often down-right exhausted) and thirsty/hungry to feeling relatively normal once more. Which as we all know as new moms, can be thought of as a huge accomplishment. I realize this may sound a little far-fetched. So, just give it a try. 

During those long hours in the day, where my little one went from sleeping deeply in my arms to waking and re-latching to the boob for 30+ minutes at a time (repeat, repeat, repeat), I am beyond grateful to have been able to be there with him fully. And part of what made that possible was the large jar full of my Energizing Date and Almond Shake that had been made for me and left right at the little table beside me and baby. Mmmmmmm it really hit the spot. 


The name of this drink was originally the Ojas Rejuvenating Drink. I changed it to entice more of you readers to whip it up for yourselves or for a new mom in your life. But what is ojas anyway? Ojas is the life source, the sustainer, the purest essence at our heart. The time just after delivery is one of the greatest times in a woman's life where ojas is needing to be rebuilt. It controls immunity and acts as the stabilizing force within us. Each of the ingredients in this drink are used very deliberately to restore the body from the deepest tissues, outward.

Following an ayurvedic postpartum diet is a key step to restoring ojas in the body. The other steps include a further ayurvedic healing meal plan, nourishment from loved ones and simple lifestyle practices. More is on its way in further blogs. (Stay tuned!)


Handful of whole, plain organic almonds

4-5 pitted dates

1 cup water

1 cup whole organic milk

pinch of cardamom

  1. Soak the almonds overnight. Then peel and discard the skin. (This is pretty quick and simple once they've soaked all night).

  2. Blend all ingredients together and then warm over low heat on the stove. ENJOY! 


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