• Jenna Furnari, MA, CAP

New Mama Quick-Tip: First 42 Days Spice Blend

I don't know about you - but as a brand new mom, I remember feeling my energy and stream of focus had been cut in half. It felt like all that I had was going out towards my recovery and nourishing my little babe. When it came to the daily tasks such as cooking, tidying, etc as soon as I discovered any sort of short cut I was all over it! Those of you that follow this blog or have worked with me in some form know that in the deck of cards I hold close includes a few kitchen herbs and spices that I consider the foundation of what is needed for reestablishing a mother's health after delivery. 

Those core spices are a few ayurvedic favorites and I use each of them in most dishes that I prepare for the women I work with in the First 42 Days following birth. So I decided to create a spice blend for the First 42 Days. The brilliant part of this is that it can be customized for each of you that create for yourselves or for a loved one. Also, when making some particular dish where say you may want to add in a spice that is not included here, or more of one of the spices that is in this formula - its an easy addition you make with a quick scope of the teaspoon. 

I am always reminded that a little kitchen organization can cut back significantly on time spent with cooking prep. This First 42 Days Spice Blend leaves behind all the measuring and that messy kitchen that happens quick when busy with a bunch of spices. With this blend, a good rule of thumb is to add about 2 tsp to each meal that is being prepared. 

RECIPE: First 42 Days - Spice Blend

6 parts cinnamon powder

6 parts anise seed

6 parts cardamom powder

5 parts clove powder

5 parts black pepper

4 parts fenugreek powder

4 parts ginger powder

1 part nutmeg

1 part asafetida powder (hing)**

  1. After combining and mixing above spices, store in an air-tight jar.

  2. Add about 2 tsp to each meal that is being prepared. 

  3. If there is more of some spice or an additional spice that you'd like to use, just measure that one in after this blend has been added to your dish.


*This Spice Blend is recommended for the postpartum period and should not be used during pregnancy. 

**Our go-to sources for kitchen herbs are Starwest Botanicals and Mountain Rose Herbs. 

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