• Jenna Furnari, MA, CAP

Witch Hazel Soothing Pads

I recommend completing this project by the time you are at 32 weeks. It takes almost no time at all (most of the work is in collecting the ingredients) and trust me when I say great relief is on its way after you have given birth.


Box of 30+ Overnight Maxi Pads (chlorine-free, scent-free recommended)

Organic Witch Hazel (alcohol free, fragrance free, make sure its formulated with Aloe Vera!)

Lavender Essential Oil (doTERRA or Young Living are our favorites)

4oz Spray Bottle

Box of freezer baggies (gallon-sized recommended)


Pour Witch Hazel and 3 drops of lavender into your spray bottle.

Go through the max pads, opening them yet leaving the pad attached to the outer wrapper.

For length of the pad, apply a thin layer of the aloe vera gel.

Saturate the length of the pad with the witch hazel spray bottle.


Fold up the pad and insert into the freezer baggie. If you are using gallon sized baggie, you can fit a few pads into one bag.

Leave the baggies in the freezer, and take one pad out at a time as needed.


The witch hazel pads you have just made come in so very handy in the first couple of weeks postpartum. They can be used as often as desired, and work instantly for relief of soreness, swelling, inflammation, and discomfort after birth.

You may use the pads for the first couple of weeks after birth, and I more pads will be needed, share this simple DIY instruction with your partner or a friend.


Witch hazel pads made with aloe vera bring a number of great relieving qualities to women in the weeks following delivery. The astringent quality of witch hazel works great at healing open wounded tissue, it is anti-bacterial and wonderfully soothing on any swelling or bruising. It works well alongside aloe vera for cooling and relieving pain.

As a uterine tonic it strengthens the uterus as the post-delivery contractions continue to bring the uterus back to pre-pregnancy weight and size. This process of shrinking back is called involution. Witch hazel also brings circulation back to the reproductive organs and system through the healing and restoring that is now taking place in the postpartum period. 

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