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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women

Ancient wisdom for modern women from birth to beyond. Ayurvedic Mamas™ has a passion for creating the space and support a woman needs for living, healing, birthing and mothering. This is also a platform for educating and informing a community passionate about the teachings of Ayurvedic Postpartum Care.


Welcome to the collective.

We’re so, so glad you’re here!

In an age of information and innovation, we’ve forgotten our roots. At Ayurvedic Mamas, you’ll discover a team of professional midwives, Ayurvedic practitioners and experts, doulas or “AyurDoulas,” yoga teachers and healers who have gathered together to share support, guidance and training for the modern woman in life, pregnancy, the birth portal and beyond. Collectively, we seek to impart the ancient teachings of Ayurveda into today’s modern experience of motherhood. 


From specialized birth and postpartum services to a distinguished training platform, the courses and direct services offered are founded on the basis of a conscious connection of mind and body. We also serve as a source of education for all practitioners, providing courses which include Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Trainings, Ayurvedic Breastfeeding and Lactation Coaching, Menopause, Conscious Conception through Complete Health, Postnatal Yoga Teacher Trainings and more!


Ayurveda or “the science of life” is an ancient holistic health care system met with the modern research of today. Ayurveda works toward achieving and maintaining balanced whole health by considering each individual uniquely in order to achieve and sustain whole body wellbeing. All our offerings view women from this whole health and holistic perspective at various stages of their journey whether through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, menopause and more. Through all that we offer we apply the care and guidelines of Ayurveda in such a way that a woman’s health, strength and deepest vitality is preserved. Ayurvedic Mamas exists to serve woman with ancient wisdom, a wisdom that is wholly and entirely applicable today.


Whether you are pregnant, a new mother, well beyond your childbearing years or looking to support others in these places of life - you’ll find community here. We're committed to sharing valuable teachings, insights and updates when it comes to supporting the wide and rapidly growing community of mothers and women who crave a deeper understanding of lifelong well-being. 


When we fully nurture the mother, she in turn, can provide nourishment towards her own family  - growing the collective as a whole.  



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