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​Virtual Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Training
Live Course Launches July 2024

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postnatal recovery
is every woman's birthright."

"Ayurvedic Mamas is a distinguished platform of education and support for bringing complete post-birth recovery to the homes of newly birthed families."  

W E R E  S O  G L A D  Y O U ' R E  H E R E !
G r a b  a  s p o t  t o  l e a r n  w i t h  u s  b e l o w .

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“From this experience, I can see how nourishing this model of care truly is. I am inspired to continue offering it in different ways or packages. I love to think of myself as a teacher with this new information and hope to empower new parents to learn how to nurture themselves through Ayurveda.”

-Melodie, Rhode Island

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